Art Lab | Frame Building Sat, Jun 29 2019, 10:30 am - Sat, Jun 29 2019, 3:00 pm


This is a hands-on workshop with heavy demonstration. Students will each make a very small practice frame of their own - a miniature study of the joints covered in the workshop.

Tools to be used: Japanese Saw, Chisel(s), Sandpaper, X-acto knives, cutting board, various glues, straight edge, clamps, etc. Artists, please bring your own Exacto with a few extra blades if you have.

This workshop covers simple ways to frame your work without the aid of big tools and machines. From understanding why you could benefit from framing in the first place, to the daunting questions like "when do I stop creating? At the border, past the border, around the border?".

Students will learn how a framed piece may make or break your work, as it can be a part of the work itself. Just short of miter joints, the workshop will explore a hands-on demo of butt-joints, overlaps, rabbet joints, as well as materials such as mat board, mount board, foam core, archival materials and more.

Instructed by Zoe Alexa

All materials are provided, workshop fee of $35 includes a supply fee.

Workshop is 10:30am - 3:00pm with a short break. Feel free to bring lunch or snacks.

This workshop is ages 18+

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