COLLAGE Exhibition Fri, Jun 7 2019, 8:00 am - Sat, Jul 13 2019, 6:00 pm


Collage is a group exhibition featuring artist using the timeless medium and process in their work. The exhibition aims to highlight the varying ways this collage can be used to create diverse imagery. Six artists are represented in the show from around the US.

Anthony Zinonos

A collage artist and illustrator based in the city of Orange, California U.S.A. He has applied his unique collage style to a wide range of editorial, advertising, book illustration, murals, animation and 3D work


Deming King Harriman

Deming King Harriman is a mixed media artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. She was raised in Miami Beach and graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Illustration and a concentration in Book Arts. She draws from archetypes throughout mythology and folklore to create the narratives and characters within her work. Influenced by the exploration of identity and the human condition, as well as similar themes found in ancient art and mysticism her work takes a contemporary twist on iconography, responding to modern trends with symbolism from historical ideologies. Deming’s art is saturated with ornate design and fantastical characters, expressed in a manner th­at indulges in the wonder and storytelling.

Deming has showcased her work in galleries, museums, art fairs, and public installations. Highlights include exhibitions in The Baker Museum, Young at Art Museum, Deep Space Gallery, The Living Gallery Outpost, Latela Art Gallery, SCOPE, Superfine!, and Aqua. She has permanent public installations, spanning over 48 works in total, on four Royal Caribbean cruise lines. She has been featured in publications including The Washington Post, Artnet, The Miami New Times, All City Canvas, The Photographic Journal, Art Is About, and Art District Magazine.

Jessie Laura

Jessie Laura is a mixed media artist and art director living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Within the past years, Laura has claimed recognition in bicoastal group exhibitions in New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA. Former member of the Brooklyn Collage Collective.

Jessie will be part of a Residency Exchange during the Exhibition, June 12th – June 26th. She will be working in a studio space on site for the two week period. Jessie is holding two collage workshops during her Residency – Surreal Playground  –



Lee Russell

M.F.A. New York Academy of Art, 2002

B.F.A. Long Island University, 1999

Russell lives and works in New York City


Marina Gonella

Marina’s work is about the psychological infulence of the surroundings and the relationship between place and identity. The work process starts with the manipulation of her own photographs of landscapes, places, or objects that surround her.

Marina is a mixed media artist born in Chicago, she moved with her family to Buenos Aires, Argentina at an early age. She is now living and working in Florida.

She graduated from the School of Fine Arts Pridiliano Pueyrredón (Buenos Aires) with a degree in painting and attended classes at IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Las Artes, Buenos Aires), pursuing a MFA.

Marina has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay and United States. Her art is included in national and international, private and corporate art collections.



PAPERCUTS utilizes a wide range of materials while composing their analog collages. Primarily using  magazines (mostly 1930’s-90’s) vintage photographs, garbage scraps, chalk, markers, aerosol paint, tape etc. Compositions usually begin with an idea the artist wants to express, or an image that catches their attention. PAPERCUTS rarely works with “modern” materials like laminated papers. Their artistic practice aims to embrace the less is more mentality in choosing strong imagery and text.

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    313 NE 3rd Street
    Delray Beach

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    Fri, 7 Jun 2019 8:00 am
    Sat, 13 Jul 2019 6:00 pm

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