FLORIDA’S FUNNIEST COMEDIANS: CHRIS GORGES & DOUG CANNEY Fri, May 8 2020, 8:00 pm - Fri, May 8 2020, 8:00 pm


Ready for a night of non-stop laughter? Join Florida’s funniest comedians, Chris Gorges and Doug Canney, as they bring the funny from across the Sunshine State with their hilarious show, FLORIDA’S FUNNIEST COMEDIANS, live at the Delray Beach Playhouse!

CHRIS GORGES – Some people like to read books. Chris Gorges likes to read crowds. He has the ability to relate to his audience. His interactive style gets the crowd going and with his wide range of material, Chris never misses a beat. With a strong background in Improvisation, his act can be anything! He’s all about getting some serious laughs and brings tons of experience to the stage from every stage in his life. Veteran, Father, Gamer and Medical Professional…it’s all in there. He has been a staple on the Tampa comedy scene for over 15 years. He directed the 2000 “Best of the Bay” Improv troupe, “The Charming Hooligans.” He was on an award-winning Public Access show called “Mongo Like Candy.” He is the host of the award-winning podcast” The Double Special Show.” He’s opened for the likes of Dave Chapelle, Pauly Shore and Bill Bellamy. High energy, honest and edgy comedy set the tone for a show that is never the same twice!

DOUG CANNEY – Former 80’s touring musician and current national headliner, Doug Canney, has been entertaining people with his music and comedy since his early teens. His first stand-up performances were impromptu sets when all hell would break loose during a band show. Living in his car for most of the year, doing upwards of 300 hundred shows and setting his personal record of 9,500 miles in 21 days, he’s the epitome of the old-school “Road-Dog” Comedian. He’s been called the “human energy drink” and his performances reflect this well deserved moniker. Unlike other guitar player/comics, Doug’s guitar work isn’t filled with parodies and variations on other people’s lyrics, it’s all original.  He has worked with comics from every channel that’s EVER been on television! He’s performed stand-up on NBC, appeared as an Gay Indian Gangster {dot not feather} in the Indie movie “Me and My Bud” by  Steven Houser, and was a feature actor in the multi-award winning short film Lonely Ben.

Friday, May 8 @ 8:00 pm

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