Joe Cotton Band Fri, Jun 8 2018, 7:30 pm - Fri, Jun 8 2018, 10:00 pm


The Crest Theatre presents a rock and roll night with The Joe Cotton Band. Joe Cotton is, “Classically Current.” You’ve been listening to him your whole life, and you discovered him yesterday.

The band’s music is influenced by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, The Black Crowes, Government Mule, The Grateful Dead and just about any jam band and classic Rock ‘N’ Roll from the ‘70s and countless acts from blues, country, folk and the ‘50s and ‘60s bands. The song writing is deft and articulate. Never pretentious or overt. Joe Cotton should be just a shout away from becoming very big indeed, and, perhaps saving rock and roll from taking itself too seriously, in the process. The material is consistently good, casual, fun and occasionally outstanding; as is the case with his latest album, which is being recorded with Producer, Chris Price, at his Miami Studio.

As for, The Joe Cotton Band, each member has been playing professionally for decades, and each one, brings an enormous amount of talent to the table. Although there is never too much planning, they share a deep musical connection and, everything just feels right.

Joe Cotton/sjm – Vocals, Guitar
Jack Shulman –Guitar, Vocals
Peter Rice – Piano/Keyboards, Vocals
Joe Mateka – Drums, Vocals
Jenny Hickory – Violin, Vocals & Percussion
Jeff Fisk – Guitar
Al Scartabello – Keyboards
Vincent Provenzano – Saxaphone/Flute

Joe Cotton (aka Steve Martel) had been part of the New England music scene for many years. As a guitar player and one of the songwriters in Beggarman Thief, he spent hundreds of nights in Boston’s best bars and clubs and countless days writing, recording and producing music. At other times, he was a bass player for the Maggie Salzberg Band or a side man for the, incredible Covingtons, with whom he recorded several times at Sun Studio in Memphis.

It took a move to South Florida, and Delray Beach in particular, to get things off to another level. Now, working with producers, Chris Price and Rudy Perez along with a handful of the finest local musicians, he is preparing the first Joe Cotton Band album for release later this year. Keep an eye out for shows in your area.

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