Wine House Social & Deluxe Properties Fri, May 18 2018, 5:00 pm - Fri, May 18 2018, 8:00 pm


Dina Branham, broker at Deluxe Properties has created a new concept in her office!   

Boutique Wine Shoppe features Natural and Organic Wines and unique gourmet organic natural food items and gifts.  Goods are available to go and also include non alcoholic beverages such as Kombucha, cold brew coffee and electrolyte water.  

The Deluxe Properties branch office, is an off-shoot of the in main office on East Atlantic Avenue and serves as an interactive kiosk for self-surfing the MLS and chatting with concierge agents.   

Check out their monthly calendar for social events such as wine tastings, pairings, intimate paint and wine nights.  

WineHouseDelray - All things social.  Wine houses and social experiences.

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